Fittingly, our first review is on the blog that inspired our title – thanks St-Eutychus!

Dave McDonald’s Macarisms blog reviews Saving Eutychus here.

Read Steve Tran’s overview of Saving Eutychus here.

Thanks Tim Challies for this encouraging review on the inestimable Challies dot com! According to a comment from Richard Agnew… “Just finished it myself. It was a wonderful book that breaks things down on so many different levels. Funny, quirky and very, very useful. Loved the inside look at Phil’s preparation. Loved the gracious models of critique of each other’s sermons at the end. All in all a very good book indeed! (For the record I’m also a N.Irishman just as Gary is! 🙂 )”

Our good friend Simone Richardson has blogged this review. Thanks Simone! Would you have been this gracious if you didn’t know the authors 😉

Thanks to The Reformed Reader for this review – even though the reviewer quibbles with keeping sermons short, and the occasional use of video and powerpoint. Gracious disagreement indeed.

The Westminster Bookstore says “How many superlatives can I put together to say that this is a great book? From their very practical instruction (how and why to practice the discipline of “natural scripting”) to their commitment to preaching the gospel from every text, the authors make you want to get up and start right away on your next sermon: praying, practicing clarity, preaching Christ.”
– Stephen Lewis, Westminster Bookstore Staff, 2013