More Testimonials

I needed to read this book by Campbell and Millar at this point in my
life. I’ve been preaching for over 27 years, and this book has convicted
me of fundamentals that have ceased to be central in my preaching.
Every preacher needs to read this book every five years. It is both
theologically driven and brimming with wise and practical insights on
how to preach.
Ray Galea
Senior Minister
St Alban’s Multicultural Bible Ministry, Sydney, NSW

Worried your preaching, though of course biblical, may be getting a bit
jaded, even boring? This humdinger of a book is just for you: full of
marvellous insights from areas as diverse as biblical theology, preaching
the Old Testament, and mode of delivery; and written like the sermons
it is encouraging us to preach—faithful but fresh. A must-read, a short
read, a great read, for preachers at every stage, whether young colt or
old nag. Buy, read, apply!
John Samuel
Senior Minister
Duke Street Church, Richmond, Surrey

Two men who would never be deadly boring or dull are Gary Millar
and Phil Campbell, and in this book they use their lively wit to help
other preachers keep Eutychus awake. More importantly, they are
united in their understanding of and commitment to the task of making
God’sword known. I pray this book will be of benefit to both preachers
and congregations.
Phillip D Jensen
Dean of Sydney
St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, NSW

This book fills a gap in our concern for better preaching because it joins
true piety to good theology in a way that few books do. Gary and Phil
bring lots of experience, wisdom and practicality to the most privileged
job in the universe—handling the word of God. It’s a short, sharp and
wonderfully honest Irish/Aussie injection.
Simon Manchester
Senior Minister
St Thomas’ Anglican Church, North Sydney, NSW